CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 23
Neuroscience Innovation: AI, Electrical Circuits, and Game

2023.10.13 15:00 - 17:30

Can a person's thoughts be interpreted from brain imaging? Can the principles of AI, games, and electrical engineering help deepen our understanding of the human brain? The Chey Institute cordially invites you to a special lecture featuring frontier approaches to brain research.

Marvin CHUN, LEE Daeyeol, LEE Jin Hyung, LEE Sue-Hyun


  • Marvin CHUN, Yale University

    Brain Power: Performance Psychology and Neuroscience

    Video 1

  • LEE Daeyeol, Johns Hopkins University

    Games in AI and Neuroscience

    Video 1

  • LEE Jin Hyung, Stanford University

    Creating a "Digital Twin" of the Brain

    Video 1

  • LEE Sue-Hyun, Seoul National University


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