Deep Dive XIII
Washington Declaration and the Future of the ROK-U.S. Alliance

2023.07.26 09:00 - 13:00

In July 2023, the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies convened eminent scholars, former high-level government officials and distinguished military officers, and other esteemed guests across to Korea to Deep Dive XIII. Seven sessions, featuring presentations and speeches by prominent figures including former National Security Adviser Kim Sung-han, provided profound insight and analysis into pressing security issues on the Korean Peninsula. The seven sessions focused on the April 2023 Washington Declaration, the recently formed NCG, and other issues regarding North Korea's nuclear advancement and the ROK-U.S. Alliance.

PARK In-Kook, KIM Sung-han, HAM Hyung-pil, JEON Sung-hun, SEOL In-hyo, HWANG Yong Soo, LEE Chang-wi, PARK Ki-chul, HA Sang-eung, YU Yong-won, LEE Jeong-woong, KIM Jeong-seop, HAN Yong-sup, JEONG Sung-jang, SOHN Byung-kwon, LEE Mi-sook


  • PARK In-Kook, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies

    Welcoming Remarks

  • KIM Sung-han, GSIS, Korea University

    Keynote Address

  • HAM Hyung-pil, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    North Korea's Nuclear Weapon Advancement and ROK-U.S. Extended Deterrence Strategy

  • JEON Sung-hun, Korea Institute for National Unification

    Washington Consensus: Evaluation and Tasks Ahead

  • SEOL In-hyo, Korea National Defense University

    NCG Significance and Future Challenges

  • HWANG Yong Soo,

    Amending the ROK-U.S. Nuclear Energy Agreement

  • LEE Chang-wi, University of Seoul

    ROK-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty Role and Tasks

  • PARK Ki-chul, Sookmyung Women's University

    NATO Style Security Alliance

  • HA Sang-eung, Sogang University

    2024 American Presidential Election Prospects and Issues of American Governance

  • YU Yong-won, Chosun Ilbo

    Designated Discussion

  • LEE Jeong-woong, Army Strategic Missile Command

    Designated Discussion

  • KIM Jeong-seop, Sejong Research Institute

    Designated Discussion

  • HAN Yong-sup, Korea National Defense University

    Designated Discussion

  • JEONG Sung-jang, Sejong Research Institute Unification Strategy Research Office

    Designated Discussion

  • SOHN Byung-kwon, Chung-Ang University

    Designated Discussion

  • LEE Mi-sook, Munhwa Ilbo

    Designated Discussion