CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 19
Quantum Computing and Misinformation Risk

2023.07.28 15:00 - 07.31 17:30

The Chey Institute cordially invites you to a special lecture addressing the rising risk of misinformation and how science and technology can help tackle future challenges in information science. Speakers include Dr. Charles H. BENNETT, the inventor of the theories of quantum cryptography and quantum teleportation, and Prof. Jungsang KIM, a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke Universtiy and CTO at IonQ.

Charles H. BENNETT, Jungsang KIM, Jaewan KIM


  • Charles H. BENNETT, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

    How Science and Scientists Can Stabilize Liberal Democracy

    Video 1

  • Jungsang KIM, Duke University, IonQ

    Quantum Computers and Secure Communication

    Video 1

  • Jaewan KIM, Korea Institute for Advanced Study


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