CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 17
Next-Generation Semiconductors and the Future of Technology

2023.04.07 15:00 - 17:40

The Chey Institute for Advanced Studies cordially invites you to a special lecture on advanced semiconductor technology, highlighting the challenges of the present and the future and the landscape of the fast-paced competition.

SEOK Mingoo, SHIN Changhwan, Seok Joon Kwon, Dongsuk Jeon

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: SEOK Mingoo, Columbia University

    Semiconductor and Integrated Circuits Design: Recent Trends

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  • Speaker: SHIN Changhwan, Sungkyunkwan University

    반도 채 몰라도 이해할 수 있는 반도체 기술 및 시장 이해

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  • Panelist: Seok Joon Kwon, Sungkyunkwan University

    반도체 산업 변동 및 향후 방향에 관한 이슈 정리

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  • Moderator: Dongsuk Jeon, Seoul National University


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