Trans-Pacific Dialogue 2021 Special Discussion
Key Presidential Candidate Foreign Policy Advisors

2022.01.18 15:00 - 15:30

On December 6-8 2021, the Chey Institute held the Trans-Pacific Dialogue 2021. During the inaugural conference, foreign policy advisors of the two main South Korean presidential candidates provided a special address outlining their candidates’ North Korea policy.

Ambassador Wi Sung Lac, chairman of Presidential Candidate Lee Jae-myung’s Foreign Policy Committee, described Candidate Lee’s policy for denuclearization and peace on the peninsula as being guided by the following two principles. First, a holistic approach must be taken to find a comprehensive solution, and second, although negotiation with North Korea will be conducted flexibly, any wrongdoing by North Korea must be responded to in a “square” manner. Under these principles, Ambassador Wi outlined Candidate Lee’s policies in five points: 1) Use a variety of measures including incentives and sanctions; 2) Pursue both denuclearization and establishing peace to generate a synergy effect; 3) Conduct international coordination and inter-Korean talks side by side; 4) Pursue a step-by-step approach in big chunks; 5) And mix easier issues with more significant ones in the first chunk.

Professor Kim Sung-han, Foreign Policy Advisor to now President-elect Yoon Seok-youl, summarized Yoon’s North Korea Policy in five points: 1) President-elect Yoon pursues a complete denuclearization of North Korea; 2) The UN Security Council Sanctions Resolution must remain intact to make real progress in denuclearization, and a package of incentives (such as economic assistance), not sanctions relief, should be prepared. Humanitarian assistance will be provided before denuclearization; 3) An end-of-war declaration would be premature at this point; 4) Extended deterrence should be bolstered between the ROK and the United States. A ROK-U.S. consultation process for US deployment of strategic nuclear delivery systems should be put in place; 5) And the ROK-U.S. alliance is the central axis of ROK foreign affairs and national security, which the Yoon government will rebuild by sharing its visions on the foundation of liberal, democratic values.

Wi Sunglac, KIM Sung-han


  • Wi Sunglac, Chairman of the Prgmatic Foreign Policy Committee of the Presidential Campaign of Lee Jae-myung


  • KIM Sung-han, GSIS, Korea University