CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 9
The Metaverse and Digital Realities

2021.08.27 14:00 - 16:30

On August 27, 2021, the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies held its ninth Scientific Innovation Series titled "The Metaverse and Digital Realities." Leading experts from the private sector, including Dr. Michael Kass (NVIDIA) and Dr. Douglas Lanman (Facebook Reality Labs), and scholars from South Korea, including Prof. Byoungho Lee and Prof. Woontack Woo, came together to discuss the recent developments and future direction of the Metaverse platform.

Michael KASS | Senior Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA
“We're confident that there will be multiple metaverses in the future. Some of them will be very specialized. But in addition to whatever specialized metaverses end up being created in the future, we think it's critical that there be at least one open metaverse that is a metaverse based on open standards to which anybody can connect and over which new single interest individual organization has control.”

Douglas LANMAN | Director, Display Systems Research at Facebook Reality Labs
“We can hope to reach things we've never achieved in displays. Faithful dynamic range to reality, wide color gametes, retinal resolution across the full human field of view. This is why VR and AR is the most immersive display we'll experience in our lifetime.”

LEE Byoungho | Professor, Seoul National University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
“There are several key factors for the Metaverse, which are the diverse and sustainable contents. Additionally, high-speed communication is needed not only for the low latency algorithm, but also for large computational load on server. Also, I think the final issue will be the optical breakthrough. So, minimizing the visual fatigue, compact system size, and wide field of view and eye box for AR/VR devices will be needed for the wider popularization of the Metaverse.”

LEE Woontack | Professor, KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology
“In order to pave the way to the digital gold rush era, the Metaverse ecosystem must be well established in advance so that the reality & virtuality convergence space becomes both a social platform and thus an economic platform. To realize such a platform, it is necessary to build and utilize integrated infrastructure such as IoT, 5G, Data, metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens, or extended reality. Then, in order to make a sustainable metaverse, the integrated platform must be open, reliable, and interoperable.”

Michael KASS, Douglas LANMAN, Byoungho LEE, Woontack WOO, HONG Youngtaek

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: Michael KASS, NVIDIA

    Plumbing the Metaverse with USD

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  • Speaker: Douglas LANMAN, Display Systems Research, Facebook Reality Labs

    How to Pass the Visual Turing Test

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  • Speaker: Byoungho LEE, Seoul National University

    For Real Impact of Metaverse

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  • Speaker: Woontack WOO, KAIST, Graduate School of Culture Technology

    The Possibilities of Reality-Virtual Convergence Platforms: Digital Twins, Metaverse and Virtual Augmented Reality

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  • Panelist: HONG Youngtaek, Seoul National University


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