CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 9
The Metaverse and Digital Realities

2021.08.27 14:00 - 16:30

On August 27, 2021, the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies held its ninth Scientific Innovation Series titled "The Metaverse and Digital Realities." Leading experts from the private sector, including Dr. Michael Kass (NVIDIA) and Dr. Douglas Lanman (Facebook Reality Labs), and scholars from South Korea, including Prof. Byoungho Lee and Prof. Woontack Woo, came together to discuss the recent developments and future direction of the Metaverse platform.

Michael KASS, Douglas LANMAN, Byoungho LEE, Woontack WOO, HONG Youngtaek

Lectures and Topics

  • 강연자: Michael KASS, NVIDIA

    Plumbing the Metaverse with USD

  • 강연자: Douglas LANMAN, Display Systems Research, Facebook Reality Labs

    How to Pass the Visual Turing Test

  • 강연자: Byoungho LEE, Seoul National University

    For Real Impact of Metaverse

  • 강연자: Woontack WOO, KAIST, Graduate School of Culture Technology

    The Possibilities of Reality-Virtual Convergence Platforms: Digital Twins, Metaverse and Virtual Augmented Reality

  • 대담자: HONG Youngtaek, Seoul National University