Biden Administration and Global Supply Chains
Battery and Semiconductor

2021.07.16 15:00 - 17:00

On July 16, 2021, the Chey Institute held a special webinar titled ‘Biden Administration and Global Supply Chains,’ which has risen to a core element of the US-China strategic competition. Focusing on semiconductor and battery sectors, the webinar featured six US and Korean experts who identified key issues surrounding high-tech supply chains and analyzed its implications on Korean industries as well as the future US-Korea cooperation. The webinar provided a timely and relevant insight into the recent dynamics of global high-tech supply chains in the midst of Washington’s growing efforts to increase supply chain resiliencies in the wake of China’s rising tech assertiveness and the pandemic.

Robert D. ATKINSON, Evan MEDEIROS, Wendy CUTLER, SangLae Lee, KANG Kisuk, Joseph YUN, PARK In-Kook

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: Robert D. ATKINSON, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation


  • Speaker: Evan MEDEIROS, United States Institute of Peace(USIP)


  • Speaker: Wendy CUTLER, Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI)


  • Speaker: SangLae Lee, SK Hynix


  • Speaker: KANG Kisuk, Seoul National University


  • Speaker: Joseph YUN, (Former) US Department of State


  • Panelist: PARK In-Kook, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies