CHEY COVID-19 Special Webinar VI
How to Overcome Vaccine Risks?

2021.05.27 14:00 - 16:30

On May 27, 2021, Chey Institute held its 6th COVID-19 Special Webinar. Leading experts on vaccine development, RNA therapeutics, virus immunology, and architectural engineering joined this webinar to share their insight on the current issues on COVID-19 vaccination, quarantine, and equitable global vaccine distribution.

*Please note that the conference was held in Korean

Jerome KIM, KIM V. Narry , AHN Kwangseog, AHN Jae-yong, LEE Hyukjin, SUNG Minki , Chae In-taek, LEE Junho

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: Jerome KIM, International Vaccine Institute

    COVID-19 Vaccines: What Have We Learned?

    Video 1

  • Speaker: KIM V. Narry , Seoul National University

    RNA as Virus and Vaccine

    Video 1

  • Speaker: AHN Kwangseog, Seoul National University

    When Will 'Made in Korea Vaccine' Available?

    Video 1

  • Speaker: AHN Jae-yong, SK Bioscience

    Vaccine Development Strategy of SK Bioscience

    Video 1

  • Speaker: LEE Hyukjin, Ewha Womans University

    LNP Technology for RNA Vaccine Delivery

    Video 1

  • Speaker: SUNG Minki , Sejong University

    COVID-19 and Ventilation

    Video 1

  • Speaker: Chae In-taek, JoongAng Ilbo

    Global Vaccine Competition

    Video 1

  • Panelist: LEE Junho, Seoul National University