CHEY COVID-19 Special Webinar V
COVID-19: A Third Wave and Vaccines

2021.01.12 09:30 - 12:00

On January 12, 2021, the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies held its fifth COVID-19 Special Webinar. Experts from South Korea and the United States discussed about the current development and future prospect of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. All participating speakers reiterated the importance of rapid yet safe development/manufacturing and equitable distribution of vaccines in order to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic as a global community.

James ROBINSON, Jerome KIM, AHN Kwangseog, RYU Wang-Shick, KIM Hong Bin, Chae In-taek, LEE Junho

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: James ROBINSON, CEPI

    COVID-19 vaccines: an answer with many more questions

  • Speaker: Jerome KIM, International Vaccine Institute

    Global COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing

  • Speaker: AHN Kwangseog, Seoul National University

    Misconceptions and Truths about COVID-19 Mutations and Vaccines

  • Speaker: RYU Wang-Shick, Institute Pasteur Korea / Yonsei University

    COVID-19 Treatments: Current Status and Future Prospects

  • Speaker: KIM Hong Bin, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

    Clinical Realities for COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments

  • Speaker: Chae In-taek, JoongAng Ilbo

    Vaccine Inequities and Multilateral Solutions

  • Moderator: LEE Junho, Seoul National University