1st CHEY Scientific Innovation Conference
The Realistic Future of Human Life

2019.07.31 09:30 - 08.01 17:50

The Chey Institute hosted the inaugural event of the Scientific Innovation Conference Series on July 31 to August 1, 2019. Under the theme of "The Realistic Future of Human Life", a total of 16 distinguished scholars joined to share their knowledge and insight on how new findings in science and technology will make impactful changes in our society.

Paul ALIVISATOS, Stephen BOYD, Takeo KANADE, ZHANG Byoung-Tak, SEOK Mingoo, HYEON Taeghwan, HA Taekjip , LEE Sang Yup, KIM V. Narry , Marvin CHUN, LEE Daeyeol, LEE Jin Hyung, CHUNG Kwanghun, PARK Hongkun, KIM Philip, PARK Jiwoong

Session and Lectures

  • An overview of the application of nanomaterials and machine learning theories in our daily life

    • Paul ALIVISATOS, UC Berkeley

      Imaging of Nanocrystals and Nanocrystal-DNA Assemblies in the Graphene Liquid Cell

      Video 1

    • Stephen BOYD, Stanford University

      Embedded Optimization for Real-Time Decision Making

      Video 1

  • The past, current, and the future of AI technologies

    • Takeo KANADE, Carnegie Mellon University

      Fun Research of Real World AI and Robotics

      Video 1

    • ZHANG Byoung-Tak, Seoul National University

      The New Science of AI

      Video 1

    • SEOK Mingoo, Columbia University

      Emerging Chip Architecture for Deep Learning

      Video 1

  • The current trends in the biological, bioengineering research

    • HYEON Taeghwan, Seoul National University

      What and How 'Nano' Can Do for 'Medicine'!

      Video 1

    • HA Taekjip , Johns Hopkins University

      CRISPR and DNA Repair

      Video 1

    • LEE Sang Yup, KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

      Biotechnology and UN Sustainable Development Goals

      Video 1

    • KIM V. Narry , Seoul National University

      RNA: From the Origin of Life to the Engineering Genes

  • The cutting-edge technologies for understanding how human brain works

    • Marvin CHUN, Yale University

      The Psychological and Neuroscience of Peak Performance

      Video 1

    • LEE Daeyeol, Johns Hopkins University

      Brain and Decision Making

      Video 1

    • LEE Jin Hyung, Stanford University

      Precision Medicine for Neurological Disease

      Video 1

    • CHUNG Kwanghun, MIT

      Holistic Imaging and Phenotyping the Brain

  • A to Z of the quantum world

    • PARK Hongkun, Harvard University

      Hitchhiker's Guide to Quantum Science and Technology

      Video 1

    • KIM Philip, Harvard University

      Topological Quantum Materials for Quantum Devices

      Video 1

    • PARK Jiwoong, University of Chicago

      Atomic Fabric for Future Circuits

      Video 1