TEDxKFAS was organized in 2015 and 2018 with the goal to bring out improvements for the future through sharing new and creative ideas. In August 2015, thirteen experts delivered thought-provoking presentations in three sessions titled "Smart Living," "China in 2025," and "Ventures for a Better Future." In 2018, there were again three sessions, which were called "Let's Brain-Storm," "Seeing the Unseen," and "Guardians of Life."

[TEDxKFAS 2018] Innovation and Risks
Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS) hosted the second event of TEDxKFAS on August 9, 2018 under the theme of 'Innovation and Risks'. About 750 audiences attended the day-long conference to enjoy enthusiastic lectures from 12 world-leading scientists in the fields of AI, neuroscience, nano technology, biomedical engineering.

* Session 1. Human Brain vs. AI
- Marvin CHUN (Yale) / Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Need Each Other
- LEE Daeyeol (Yale) / Brain and Self Intelligence
- SEOK Mingoo (Columbia) / The Future of AI is Small
- CHUNG Kwanghun (MIT) / Why Do We Need a Better Map to Conquer the Brain?

* Session 2. Seeing the Unseen
- PARK Hongkun (Harvard) / 'Brain' on a Chip - Toward a Precision Neuroelectronic Interface
- PARK Jiwoong (UChicago) / Atomically Thin Circuits for a Technological Revolution in the 21st Century
- HA Taekjip (Johns Hopkins) / Eaves ping on Molecular Conversations
- YEOM Han Woong (POSTECH) / Nano Tsunami for Loss-Less Delivery of Information

* Session 3. Guardians of Life
- HYEON Taeghwan (SNU) / How Nanotechnology Can Help Treatment of Heart Failure
- LEE Jin Hyung (Stanford) / Can We Fix the Brain Like We Fix Electronic Circuits?
- KWON Sunghoon (SNU) / Life-Saving Rapid Antibiotic Test for Fighting Sepsis
- KIM Dae-Hyeong (SNU) / Sweat-Based Glucose Sensing and Transdermal Drug Delivery

- Pianist | LIM Dong-Hyek
- Cellist | MUN Taeguk

Dates : 2018.08.09

Venue : Conference Hall, Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies