World Peace Forum

The World Peace Forum is a high-level international security forum hosted annually by Tsinghua University. The forum has seen many former and current presidents, prime ministers, ministers, and renowned scholars deliver remarks on issues related to international security. Since 2013, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies has frequently collaborated with Tsinghua University to organize a special session on “ROK-PRC Relations and Regional Security” by inviting experts and scholars from Korea, the US, and China to discuss Northeast Asian security and Korea-China relations.

US-DPRK Dialogue and Peace on the Korean Peninsula
The situation on the Korean Peninsula shows new complexity and uncertainty. While the window of diplomacy seemed to be closing down following the ‘no-deal’ Hanoi Summit, the exchange of letters between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim and president Xi’s recent visit to Pyongyang have invited considerable worldwide attention. In what conditions can the US-DPRK dialogue be resumed? How will the growing tensions between Washington and Beijing affect the denuclearization process on the Korean peninsula? What steps should the international community take to achieve denuclearization and lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula? How will the security dynamics in the Korean Peninsula shape the regional order?

- PARK In-Kook : President, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies

- KIM Sung-han : Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Korea / Dean and Professor, Korea University, South Korea
- DU Qiwen : Former Deputy Minister of CPC Central Foreign Affairs Office, China
- CHUNG Jae-Ho : Professor, Seoul National University, South Korea
- LI Bin : Professor, Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University, China

Dates : 2019.07.08

Venue : Tsinghua University / Liaoning International Hotel


  • 박인국, 최종현학술원
  • LI Bin, 청화대 국제관계학과
  • 정재호, 서울대 정치외교학부
  • 김성한, 고려대 국제대학원
  • DU Qiwen , Minister of CPC Central Foreign Affairs Office