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Shandong Forum

Shandong Forum

In partnership with Shandong University, the inaugural Shandong Forum was hosted October 2016 under the theme, “East Asian Community of Common Destiny - Past, Present, and Future.” Renowned scholars and high-level officials from Korea, China, Japan, the U.S., and Russia attended the Forum to share ideas and policy proposals to enhance Northeast Asian regional integration.

Community Building of A Shared Future and Peace & Development in Northeast Asia
Session 1: Community Building for a Shared Future
Session 2: Community Building in Northeast Asia
Session 3: B&R and Community Building of a Shared Future
Session 4: Future of Northeast Asian Cooperation
Session 5: Big Power Relations and Peace Building in Northeast Asia
Session 6: Denuclearization and Peace Building on Korean Peninsula

[Opening Ceremony]
- ZHANG Haibo, Mayer, Weihai City, Shandong Province
- PARK Inkook, President, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies
- FAN Liming, President, Shandong University

[Keynote Speech]
- YU Hongjun, Former Vice-minister of International Dept. of the Central Committee of the CPC
- Makoto IOKIBE, Former President of the National Defense Academy
- Inwon CHOUE, President, Kyung Hee University
Theme: Quest for a New Politics of Our Times Climate Change and a Road toward Peace in Northeast Asia

Dates : 2018.10.20 - 21

Venue : Dongshan Hotel, Weihai, Shandong