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Nanjing Forum

Nanjing Forum

Nanjing Forum is held annually with Nanjing University since 2015. The inaugural Nanjing Forum was held under the theme “Working Together for 21st Century Asia-Pacific Peace, Security and Prosperity”. To reflect the growing significance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and scientific innovations, the Nanjing Forum since 2017 has incorporated sessions on theories and applications of advanced technologies, the field in which Nanjing University ranks among the top in the world. Science-related topics are discussed in odd-numbered years, while international security and marine order issues are addressed in even-numbered years.

Global Responsibility, Shared Future: Global Concern, Opportunity and Solution
Roundtable 1: Historical Civilization and Cultural Innovation in East Asia
Roundtable 2: Environment, Society and Governance
Roundtable 3: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Global Governance
Roundtable 4: Digital Humanities and Exploration of New Liberal Arts
Roundtable 5: Cross Cultural Communication from the Perspective of Global Change

[Opening Ceremony]
- CHANG Shengmei, Senior Officer of Jiangsu Provincial Government
- LYU Jian, President of Nanjing University
- CHEY Taewon, Chairman of SK Holdings

[Keynote Speech]
- William H. NIENHAUSER, Professor of Classical Chinese Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison
- XUE Lan , Dean of Schwarzman Scholars, Tsinghua University
- WU Baiyi , Researcher of Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
- MA Min, Former Chancellor of Central China Normal University
- LIU Jianhui, Professor of International Research Center for Japanese Studies

Dates : 2021.12.11 - 12

Venue : Nanjing University International Conference Center