The geopolitical crisis surrounding the Korean Peninsula has become a fatal challenge for our society due to the stalled negotiations over North Korea's nuclear weapons program and the heated US-China rivalry. Furthermore, the technological innovations and world-wide competition surrounding such rapid development are intensifying the geopolitical instability. The Chey Institute for Advanced Studies strives to bring together experts from academia, media and political arena to look into the past, present and future of the geopolitical crisis we face. Through such endeavors, the CIAS wished to form a basis of cognition that goes beyond ideology and introduce collective intelligence to solve the complex problem at stake.

Scientific Innovation and Nuclear Weapons
On August 24, 2020, the Chey Institute hosted its sixth Deep Dive session to assess the growing challenges posed by nuclear weapons and the impact of scientific innovation on security in Northeast Asia. More than 50 leading experts participated in this closed online session to discuss North Korea's development of SLBM and potential response strategies by the U.S. military, impact of drones in the military context, the space race, and missile cooperation.

Dates : 2020.08.24

Venue : Online