Tianjin Forum

Tianjin Forum

The inaugural Tianjin Forum was launched in January 2015 in close partnership with Nankai University under the theme of “Urban Development and Governance.” The launching of the Forum was timely given that China was facing a strategic opportunity for urbanization. The participants engaged in intense debates on the effects of urbanization on China’s economy, social developments, and the environment. They also shared ideas and policy suggestions on how to improve the management of urban development in a globalized world.

High-Tech-Enabled Cities and Regional Governance Innovation

Sub-forum 1 : The Technological Frontier of Urban Construction and Governance
Sub-forum 2 : Development of Science and Technology & Innovation of Urban Public Service
Sub-forum 3 : Open and Interconnected Cities in the Era of Intelligence
Sub-forum 4 : Building a Sustainable Peace and Cooperation Mechanism in Northeast Asia
Round table 1 : Resonance and Integration of Innovative Cities and Entrepreneurs
Round table 2 : Frontier Theory and Development Trend of Urban Digitization
Special Session : Sustainable Cities and Communities in Perspective of South-South Comparison

Dates : 2019.10.18 - 20

Venue : Crowne Plaza Tianjin Binhai