Global Forum of the Rule of Law

Global Forum of the Rule of Law

To commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies co-hosted the first Global Forum of the Rule of Law in 2015 with Renmin University of China’s Law School and Oxford University’s Faculty of Law. Legal experts and scholars from around the world attended and shared ideas on legal regulation of scientific technology, opportunities and challenges in an era of great transformations, and many other relevant issues. The Law Forum is held every other year.

Culture, the Rule of Law & Social Development

Panel 1: Culture and the Rule of Law
Panel 2: East Asian Culture and Social Governance
Panel 3: The Influence of Religion to the Evolution of the Rule of Law
Parallel Session 1: Law in Practice
Parallel Session 2: Technology and Law

Dates : 2017.11.18 - 2018.19

Venue : Mingde Law Building, Renmin University of China