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Tokyo Forum

Tokyo Forum

Inaugurated in 2019, the Tokyo Forum, a collaboration between the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies and the University of Tokyo, aims to serve as a platform where internationally-renowned experts can engage in future-oriented discussions on regional and global issues. Topics include risks and opportunities faced by various actors in Northeast Asia in international relations, science and technology, business and trade, and the environment.

Shaping the Future - Science and the Human Mind

The Chey Institute for Advanced Studies and the University of Tokyo co-hosted the third annual Tokyo Forum on December 2nd and 3rd, 2021. Under the all-embracing theme of “Shaping the Future,” Tokyo Forum 2021 sought to deepen our understanding of both science and the human mind.

With esteemed scholars and experts from various fields across the globe, the forum discussed how to harness cutting-edge science and technologyincluding artificial intelligence (AI)to create a better future with sustainability and resilience, and addressed possible risks arising from brand-new technology.

The forum was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Opening Ceremony

FUJII Teruo (President, University of Tokyo)

CHEY Tae-won (Chairman, SK Group)


Keynote Addresses

Marvin CHUN (Dean, Yale College)

KUMA Kengo (Architect | Designer of Japan
National Stadium)


High Level Talk Session: Science and Humanities

FUJIGAKI Yuko (Executive Vice President, University
of Tokyo)

YOSHIKAWA Hiroyuki (President, Int’l
Professional University of Technology in Tokyo & Osaka)

Ulrike FELT (Head of the Department of Science
and Technology Studies, University of Vienna)


Panel Discussion: Global Commons Stewardship Based on Science and Empathy

ISHII Naoko (Executive Vice President, University
of Tokyo)

Jeffrey SACHS (Professor, Columbia University)

Johan ROCKSTROM (Director, Potsdam Institute for
Climate Impact)

Jeremy OPPENHEIM (Founder, SystemIQ)

Aniruddha DASGUPTA (President, World Resources

Vera SONGWE (UN Under-Secretary-General,
Economic Commission for Africa)

Paul POLMAN (Former CEO, Unilever)



Cross-Disciplinary Discussion: Trust-Building for Collective Actions

YAGI Nobuyuki (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Michael SANDEL (Professor, Harvard University)

LEE Jihyun (Director of the Office of
Environmental Management and Mineral Resources, International Seabed Authority)


Panel 1-A: Toward
Building Trustworthy AI and Society with Mutual Respect

EMA Arisa (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Rebecca FINLAY (CEO, Partnership on AI)

OH Alice (Professor, KAIST)

Uday B. DESAI (Chancellor, Anurag University of

Aimee Van WYNSBERGHE (Professor, University of


Panel 1-B: The resilient brain: Mental Health in Balance with Society and Planet

IINO Masamitsu (Professor Emeritus, University
of Tokyo)

Takao K. HENSCH (Professor, Harvard University)

KASAI Kiyoto (Professor, University of Tokyo)

KAWACHI Ichiro (Professor, Harvard University)

Richard DAVIDSON (Founder of Center for Healthy
Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Daphne BAVELIER (Professor, University of


Panel 2-A: Technology and Human Nature

HASIDA Koiti (Professor, University of Tokyo)

SAKURA Osamu (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Ann CAVOUKIAN (Executive Director, Global
Privacy & Security by Design Centre)

SUZUKI Takayuki (Professor, University of Tokyo)


Panel 2-B: Anxiety among international relations caused by the progress of science and technology

SUZUKI Kazuto (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Rajeswari Pillai RAJAGOPALAN (Director, Centre
for Security, Strategy and Technology)

Daniel PORRAS (Director, Secure World

Jessica WEST (Senior Researcher, Project


Wrap-up by next-generation scholars

YAGI Nobuyuki (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Kelly LEVIN (Chief of Science, Data and Systems
Change, Bezos Earth Fund)

Robert BLASIAK (Researcher, the Stockholm
Resilience Center)

SUNAMI Moe (Student, Pomona College)

Dylan GEE (Professor, Yale University)

SUZUKI Takayuki (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Quentin VERSPIEREN (Project Assistant Professor,
University of Tokyo)


Closing Remarks

PARK In-kook (President, Chey Institute)

FUJII Teruo (President, University of Tokyo)

Dates : 2021.12.02 - 03

Venue : Online