Special Conference with Presidents of Leading Think Tanks on Democracy
Crisis of Liberal Democracy

2022.09.01 15:00 - 16:00

The Chey Institute for Advanced Studies cordially invites you to the special conference entitled “Crisis of Liberal Democracy.” During the session, world-class experts from the U.S. and Korea, including presidents of leading U.S. think tanks on democracy and former high-level government officials, will delve into the challenges posed to liberal democracy across the world and discuss what roles Korea may play in coping with such challenges.

Damon Wilson, Michael Abramowitz, Shanthi Kalathil, LEE Chung Min, Derek Mitchell, LEE Sook Jong


  • Damon Wilson, National Endowment for Democracy


  • Michael Abramowitz, Freedom House


  • Shanthi Kalathil, White House NSC


  • LEE Chung Min, Institute of Security Convergence, KAIST


  • Derek Mitchell, National Democratic Institute


  • LEE Sook Jong, Sungkyunkwan University