[Special Workshop for Scientists] Meet the World-Leading Scientists!
How Can We Do Excellent Research?

2018.08.10 10:00 - 18:00

Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies hosted a special workshop on August 10, 2018 for the current and future scientists, under the title of “Meet the World-Leading Scientists! – How Can We Do Excellent Research?”. About 150 undergrad and grad students enjoyed the lectures and Q&A sessions, communicating with the 11 world-renowned scientists.

HYEON Taeghwan, Marvin CHUN, PARK Jiwoong, SEOK Mingoo, HA Taekjip , CHUNG Kwanghun, HONG Youngtaek, LEE Junho, LEE Daeyeol, LEE Jin Hyung, PARK Hongkun


  • HYEON Taeghwan, Seoul National University


  • Marvin CHUN, Yale University


  • PARK Jiwoong, University of Chicago


  • SEOK Mingoo, Columbia University


  • HA Taekjip , Johns Hopkins University


  • CHUNG Kwanghun, MIT


  • HONG Youngtaek, Seoul National University


  • LEE Junho, Seoul National University


  • LEE Daeyeol, Johns Hopkins University


  • LEE Jin Hyung, Stanford University


  • PARK Hongkun, Harvard University