New Frontiers in Scientific Innovation
International Symposium on New Frontiers in Scientific Innovation


Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS) successfully hosted the “International Symposium on New Frontiers in Scientific Innovation” on July 8. The symposium was jointly organized with The Chosun Ilbo. In addition to two world renowned keynote speakers, twelve internationally authoritative scientists who received scholarship for their Ph.D. course from the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies joined the symposium as speakers.
More than 1,200 people in related fields across the country registered for the symposium, including scholars, students, and government officials. As the Conference Hall at the KFAS building filled up quickly, more than 400 people from the audience had to watch the symposium via broadcasting on a screen from another hall. Most of the audience kept their seats throughout the eight-hour symposium, showing their zeal for science. The symposium was appraised as an opportunity to think ahead to a sustainable future with a better understanding of the renewed role of science and technology.

YANG Yuliang, Steven CHU, HA Taekjip , LEE Daeyeol, LEE Junho, LEE Jin Hyung, OH Yong-Geun, HYEON Taeghwan, Marvin CHUN, HAM Donhee, REY Soo-Jong, PARK Hongkun, CHOE Senyon, SEOK Mingoo

Session and Lectures

    • YANG Yuliang,

      The Humanities and the Scientific Innovation

      Video 1

    • Steven CHU,

      Energy Innovations in a Changing World

      Video 1

    • HA Taekjip , Johns Hopkins University

      Probing Nature’s Nanomachines with Light

      Video 1

    • LEE Daeyeol, Johns Hopkins University

      Exploring How the Brain Makes Decisions

      Video 1

    • LEE Junho, Seoul National University

      Mind of a Starving Worm: Cellular and Genetic Basis of a Dispersal Behavior

      Video 1

    • LEE Jin Hyung, Stanford University

      Decoding the Brain Circuit’s Functional Alphabet

      Video 1

    • OH Yong-Geun, POSTECH

      Uncertainty Principle, Symplectic Geometry and Mirror Symmetry

      Video 1

    • HYEON Taeghwan, Seoul National University

      Chemistry for Nano, and Nano for Medicine

      Video 1

    • Marvin CHUN, Yale University

      Mind Reading with Functional Neuroimaging

      Video 1

    • HAM Donhee, Harvard University

      Semiconductor Technology, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

    • REY Soo-Jong, Seoul National University

      Emergent Fundamental Laws of Information and Gravitation

      Video 1

    • PARK Hongkun, Harvard University

      Nano Meets Bio

      Video 1

    • CHOE Senyon, Salk Institute

      Doing Better than Mother Nature’s Signaling?

      Video 1

    • SEOK Mingoo, Columbia University

      Energy-efficient Integrated Circuits & Systems for Emerging Applications

      Video 1