Special Lecture by Joseph YUN (Former US Special Representative for North Korea Policy)
The US and North Korea: What Next?

2018.10.22 16:00 - 18:00

On December 22, 2018, Former Special Representative for North Korea Policy Ambassador Joseph Yun delivered a special lecture titled “The U.S. and North Korea: What Next?” During the lecture, he describes the post-Singapore situation of U.S.-North Korea relations as having reached a “new normal.” Tensions have been reduced, with little or no military exercises being conducted. Each side is making minor concessions, leaders are getting along, and a moratorium has been issued on nuclear and missile testing. Though this “new normal” is definitely an improvement from last year’s brinkmanship, Ambassador Yun notes that it does not address the fundamental problem: North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

With his expertise as a career diplomat and experience working on North Korea policy under both the Obama and Trump administrations, Ambassador Yun presents four possible policy options that the U.S. could take in moving forward: war, a return to maximum pressure, acceptance of North Korea as a nuclear state, or a political agreement through diplomatic negotiations. He concludes that the only realistic option is diplomacy. Although past agreements have failed, “this does not mean we should not try again,” says Ambassador Yun. While he notes that denuclearization will be a long process, he adds that this “new normal” may be an opportunity to build trust and, ultimately, progress in talks between the U.S. and North Korea.

Joseph YUN, SOHN Jie-ae

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: Joseph YUN, (Former) US Department of State


  • Discussant: SOHN Jie-ae, Ewha Womans University