CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 8
Hydrogen and the Energy Transition

2021.07.09 14:00 - 17:00

The Chey Institute for Advanced Studies highlighted hydrogen energy in its 8th Scientific Innovation Series. The Chey Institute brought together world-leading experts on hydrogen industry and research to discuss the present and future of hydrogen energy.

Jung-Joon Yu | Vice Chairman & CEO, SK E&S
“I believe there are 3 major components that need to be considered: First, long-term investment; Second, incentivizing policies and regulations; Third, well-established standards across industries.”

Bernd Heid | Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
“I would love to highlight the systemic view of what we are about to face here. Now we have a carrier in this molecule that enables us to export sunshine and export wind from places like Africa, Middle East, Australia, Chile to other places where we are in in search and in need of energy. And that, I think, is the fundamental revolution that we see here.”

Suk Won Cha | Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University
“Because the fuel cell system is very complicated, it requires complicated supply chains, from raw materials to the system integration level. To be successful in the market, all those industries throughout the supply chain also have to mature at mass production scale. The supply chain for fuel cells is maturing really fast. In the near future, we will see more mass production of fuel cells and more reduced fuel cell costs in the market.”

Ki Tae Nam | Professor of Material Science and Engineering
“I think the hydrogen economy will come not because of the cost issue, but because of the environmental issue. We want to reduce CO2. We want to replace the current fossil-based chemical industry. That's the major driving force. If we can get electricity below 5 cents, then I think green hydrogen will be cost competitive.”

Andy Marsh | CEO, Plug Power
“You could create value for the customer in the asset-intense applications where fuel cells made sense. We were one of the first ones to see in an industrial application where you had centralized fueling, the cost of the hydrogen infrastructure was not nearly as large.”

Jeong Joon Yu, Bernd Heid, Suk Won Cha, Ki Tae Nam, Andy Marsh, Kyung Yeol Song

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: Jeong Joon Yu, SK E&S

    Hydrogen: Past, Present, and Its Future

    Video 1

  • Speaker: Bernd Heid, McKinsey & Company

    The Hydrogen Opportunity: Hydrogen Initiatives, Technology Roadmaps, Outlook

    Video 1

  • Speaker: Suk Won Cha, Seoul National University, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    The Fundamentals of Hydrogen Fuel Cells Technology

    Video 1

  • Speaker: Ki Tae Nam, Seoul National University, Department of Material Science and Engineering

    Hydrogen Production Inspired by Nature

    Video 1

  • Speaker: Andy Marsh, Plug Power Inc.

    Get Ready for the $10 Trillion Dollar Hydrogen Economy

    Video 1

  • Panelist: Kyung Yeol Song, SK E&S Quantum Growth TF


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