CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 5
The Future of Battery Technology and Materials


They Chey Institute for Advanced Studies hosted a special conference on battery technology and materials, on Feb. 19, 2021. The webinar featured the 2019 Nobel Chemistry Prize Laureate Professor Stanley Whittingham, as well as world-leading scholars such as Professor Gerbrand Ceder, Professor Kisuk Kang, and Professor Jang Wook Choi.

Stanley M. Whittingham | 2019 Nobel Laureate, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Material Science and Engineering, SUNY Binghamton
“The science is interdisciplinary. Science does not neatly fit into chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering or whatever. It crosses all those boundaries. And science is also international. Energy storage is enabling renewable energy. It’s going to mitigate global warming and messing up, and it’s going to let us have a more efficient grid.”

Gerbrand Ceder | Daniel M.Tellep Distinguished Professor of Engineering, UC Berkeley
“We have to worry about resources and DRX materials give us a pathway into using other different metals. It's a very large design space.”

Kisuk Kang | Professor of Material Science and Engineering, Seoul National University
“There is still such interesting new chemistry in the layered structure, which requires actually rewriting of the classical view of lithium diffusion or intercalation models. The proper structural redesigning of the layered structure can further offer us the stable and the higher energy density electrodes for advanced lithium-ion battery.”

Jang Wook Choi | Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seoul National University
“Binder may not be a passive component anymore, so there must be advanced polymer design implemented into an electrode. The electrodes or cells that require new binders actually are a good number. silicon anode, lithium metals, all-solid-state batteries, high nickel and sulfur cathodes all need better binders.”

Stanley Whittingham, Gerbrand CEDER, KANG Kisuk, CHOI Jang Wook, HYEON Taeghwan

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: Stanley Whittingham, Department of Material Science and Engineering, SUNY Binghamton

    The Lithium Battery, from a Dream to Readiness to Take on Climate Change – Opportunities and Challenges

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  • Speaker: Gerbrand CEDER, University of California, Berkeley

    DRX (Disorder Rocksalt): Resource-friendly Cathode Materials

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  • Speaker: KANG Kisuk, Seoul National University

    New battery Chemistry from Conventional Layered Cathode Materials for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

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  • Speaker: CHOI Jang Wook, Seoul National University

    Connecting Battery Components: Advanced Binder Designs for Emerging Rechargeable Batteries

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  • Panelist: HYEON Taeghwan, Seoul National University


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