CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 7
The Quantum Computing Era

2021.06.11 14:00 - 17:00

On June 11, 2021, the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies held its seventh Scientific Innovation Series titled "The Quantum Computing Era." Prof. David Awschalom discussed emerging quantum applications ranging from powerful quantum computers to tamper-proof encrypted communication, molecular-level imaging, and precision sensing. Prof. Jungsang Kim focused on the development of reliable quantum computing with ion traps and of commercial quantum computer systems at IonQ. Prof. Yonuk Chong further comments on the current status and future outlook of quantum computing, particularly in relations to Korea.

David AWSCHALOM | Liew Family Professor, University of Chicago
“You can think about these as three legs of the stool all forming this field. Computing, as we've heard, offer the opportunity to solve problems not possible, even on extrapolations of future supercomputers. This entanglement I spoke of not only is the core of computing, but it offers a unique pathway to build a new type of communication network, to create a hackable communication and even teleport information over extraordinary distances. And finally, each of these quantum bits can be turned inside out and exposed to the environment, at which point they make outstanding sensors.”

Jungsang KIM | Founder, IonQ
“Just like how we build our most powerful computers by building racks of computers and connecting them through Ethernet and communication infrastructure to build data centers, we can actually build scalable quantum computers by generating large numbers of individual computers and connecting them through a photonic quantum network. So that’s a very exciting prospect.”

Yonuk CHONG | Professor, SKKU Department of Nano Engineering
“The challenge is now how we can make all the systems coherently and all the systems are kind of efficiently controlling your quantum system, but at the same time, preserving your quantum system long enough to make your calculation possible.”

David AWSCHALOM, Jungsang KIM, Yonuk CHONG, HYEON Taeghwan

Lectures and Topics

  • Speaker: David AWSCHALOM, University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

    The quantum revolution: opportunities for new technologies

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  • Speaker: Jungsang KIM, Duke University, IonQ

    Practical Quantum Computing with Trapped Atomic Ions

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  • Speaker: Yonuk CHONG, SKKU, Department of Nano Engineering

    Superconducting devices in quantum technology: Quantum computing made easy

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  • Panelist: HYEON Taeghwan, Seoul National University


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