2nd CHEY Scientific Innovation Conference
Enabling Future of AI – Battery to Semiconductor

2020.01.10 09:30 - 17:00

On Jan 10th 2020, the second CHEY Scientific Innovation Conference entitled “Enabling Future of AI: Battery to Semiconductor” was held with almost 700 people in attendance. During the course of three sessions, ten world-renown scholars presented insightful lectures and in-depth discussions on cutting-edge scientific technologies such as AI, batteries, next generation semiconductors, and autonomous driving.

Tsu-Jae King LIU, Gerbrand CEDER, WEI Gu-Yeon, YI Kyongsu, LEE Kyogu, CHOI Jang Wook, KANG Kisuk

Session and Lectures

  • At the plenary session, Prof. Tsu-Jae King LIU(UC Berkeley) opened the stage with an engaging lecture on next generation semiconductors and a new computing paradigm which could overcome the limits of Moore’s Law. Following Prof. LIU, Prof. Gerbrand CEDER(UC Berkeley) gave an in-depth lecture on the development of Li ion batteries and presented an outlook for alternative energy storage technology.

    • Tsu-Jae King LIU, University of California, Berkeley

      A New Paradigm for Advancing Computing Beyond the Limits of Moore's Law

    • Gerbrand CEDER, University of California, Berkeley

      Progress in Li-ion Energy Storage and Alternative Technologies

  • “Session 1: For the AI, By the AI,” began with a lecture by Prof. Gu-Yeon WEI (Harvard) on recent researches on semiconductor innovation, an issue that is indispensable in the advancement of machine learning. Prof. Kyongsu YI (SNU) discussed recent research and future agendas on the realization of autonomous driving in complex urban environments. Prof. Kyogu LEE (SNU) introduced his research on AI music algorithms and presented an “AI musician."

    • WEI Gu-Yeon, Harvard University

      Machine Learning at Scale

    • YI Kyongsu, Seoul National University

      Autonomous Driving in Urban Environments: Our Approaches and Recent Developments

    • LEE Kyogu, Seoul National University

      Machine Musicianship: When AI Meets Music

  • “Session 2: Future Battery Technology,” kicked off with a lecture by Prof. Jang Wook CHOI (SNU), who introduced a management system which can monitor real-time battery status by measuring the entropy of battery materials. Prof. Kisuk KANG (SNU) talked about the development of new battery material based on study of biological energy transduction.

    • CHOI Jang Wook, Seoul National University

      Toward Seeing Battery Materials in Real Time

    • KANG Kisuk, Seoul National University

      Design of Battery Materials from Interdisciplinary Approach