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Southeast Asian Cultural Values Forum

Southeast Asian Cultural Values Forum

Since 2005, the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies and the Royal Academy of Cambodia have jointly organized the annual Southeast Asian Cultural Values Forum. The Forum has become a leading international conference on Southeast Asian cultural values and related issues. Its importance is expected to continue to grow in line with ASEAN’s economic development.

Challenges of Culture in the Technology Age
The 15th Southeast Asian Cultural Values Forum was held on December 19-20, 2019 under the overarching theme of "Challenges of Culture in the Technology Age." It mainly focused on the cultural policy in terms of language, religion, cultural heritage, ethnic minority issues, and diversity in response to scientific and technological innovation. His Excellency Dr. Sum Mab, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, delivered the opening remarks.

Session 1: Challenges of Culture in the Technology Age
- Buddhism in Modern Technology: Perspectives
- UNITY in Cultural DIVERSITY in the Digital World from a Vedic Worldview
- Preserving Cultural Heritage in Western Myanmar: Digitization of Arakanese In--scriptions in the Technology Age
- The Mt. Pinatubo Ayta Experience Volcano Warning Systems Interfacing Indigenous/Local Knowledge with Science & Technology
- Going Glocal
- Language and Technology in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
- Culture Dialogue and Preserving the Identity of Vietnamese: National Culture in the Technology Age
- The Challenge of Glocalization on Khmer Language/Culture in Web-Based Instruction

Session 2: Cultural Role for Peace and Development
- Conservation of Buddhism Heritage Construction in Cambodia
- Documenting the History of Handmade Papers in Cambodia
- Buddhism in Cambodia
- Maintain a Healthy Relationship between both Western Countries and Their Asian Neighbors
- Sembung Instruments for Creating the Javanese Gamelan Musical Aesthetics
- Concepts of Peace through Khmer Literature
- Unsung Heroes of the Cambodian Arts: A Project of Arts for Peace Festival

Session 3: Initiatives and Innovation in Culture
- Banteay Srey Temple Conservation
- Satisfaction of Tourist towards Tourism Development in Vangvieng, Vientiane Province, Lao PDR
- Social Value through Khmer Folk Songs
- Traditional Markets, Shopping and Social Interaction
- Khmer Performing Arts in the Modern Age
- Digitization Contributes to the Preservation and Exploitation of Multi-ethnic Cultural Values in Vietnam
- The Meaning of Culture: From the Science of Mirror Neurons to the Beats of Popular Music

Session 4: Cultural Diversities
- Camphupura Ancient Capital of Chenla
- The Qing Imperial Illustration of Tributaries: Portrait of Southeast Asia Cultural Diversity
- The Developing of Khmer Curriculum for Foreigners
- Role of Cultural Diversity in a Society
- Rice, Sugar, Salt and Chili in Khmer Beliefs
- In Kon Fon Khaen: Cultural Diversities of Thailand
- China Culture in Present Khmer Society
- Transborder Health Service as the ASEAN Connectivity in Practice: A Case study of Hospital Service Used by Cambodia Patients in Northeast Thailand

Dates : 2019.12.19 - 20

Venue : Phnom Penh, Cambodia