CHEY Scientific Innovation Series 21
Frontiers of Molecular Imaging Technologies in Life Sciences and Medicine

2023.09.19 15:00 - 17:40

The Chey Institute cordially invites you to a special lecture on frontier molecular imaging technologies in life sciences and medicine. Speakers include Prof. William E. MOERNER, 2014 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Prof. HA Taekjip and Prof. MYONG Sua at Harvard University.

William E. MOERNER, HA Taekjip , MYONG Sua, SHIM Sang-Hee


  • William E. MOERNER, Stanford University

    Single Molecules and Light: Opening a Window into the Biological Nanoscale

    Video 1

  • HA Taekjip , Harvard University

    Conformational Control: From Single Molecules to Biotechnologies

    Video 1

  • MYONG Sua, Harvard University

    Built-in Genetic Switch For Tran--scription and Translation

    Video 1

  • SHIM Sang-Hee, Korea University


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