Jeju Forum

Jeju Forum, organized by Jeju Peace Institute, was launched in 2001 as the region's multilateral platform to tackle major regional issues. The Chey Institute for Advanced Studies began its partnership with Jeju Forum in 2017 to organize a special session on geopolitical issues, including peace on the Korean Peninsula, Northeast Asian security architecture, and US-China relations. Panelists include experts and scholars from Korea, the U.S., and China.

Scientific Innovation and Geopolitical Risks in Northeast Asia
Scientific innovation is unprecedentedly accelerating and the scope of its impacts is also becoming even more widespread. Consequently, it is crucial to examine geopolitical risks that are intrinsic to the scientific and technological innovation. Impacts of scientific innovation are bringing about a sea change within the international community. Such scientific innovation has put key driving forces in the region at a crossroad. Against this back, this session will invite experts from Korea, the US, and China to examine significant trends in terms of technological advancement and scientific innovation. Discussion will mainly center around the future of scientific innovation including AI and its impact on geopolitical risks.

Dates : 2019.05.30

Venue : International Convention Center Jeju


  • Graham ALLISON, 하버드대학교 케네디스쿨
  • Gary SAMORE, 브랜다이스대학교
  • GONG Ke, 중국 차세대 인공지능발전전략연구원
  • 정구현, KAIST
  • John DELURY, 연세대학교